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  • This search displays all active employees with at least one of the following job codes:
    SPA Permanent , SPA Temporary - Hourly , SPA Temporary - Salaried , EPA Non Faculty, EPA 9 Month Faculty , EPA Phased Retirement , EPA 12 Month Faculty , EPA Post Doctoral , EPA Temporary
  • Address/Phone: "Campus Work Address" changes can be updated directly within Banner Self Service*
  • Name: You cannot change your Name or Preferred name (nickname) through Self Service. This type of change can ONLY be done through Human Resources
  • Information is refreshed twice a day (5am and 7pm) from Banner Self Service (BanStand)

* Banner Self Service Walk through:

  • Login to Banner Self Service Either through:
  • Click on "Personal Information"
  • Click on "Update Address(es) and Phone(s)"
  • Click on the correct listing to change
  • Changes will be updated upon the next schedule update, typically within 24hrs.